Cite: Y. Lin, H. Sundaram. Blog Antenna: Summarization of Personal Blog Temporal Dynamics Based on Self-Similarity Factorization, in Proc. International Conference and Multimedia Expo (ICME 2007). July, 2007.

Abstract: In this paper, we present a framework to analyze and summarize the temporal dynamics within personal blogs. Blog temporal dynamics are difficult to capture using a few class descriptors. Our approach comprises (1) a representation of blog dynamics using self-similarity matrices, (2) theme extraction using nonnegative self-similarity matrix factorization, and (3) a visualization representing blog theme evolution. Summaries based on large real-world blog datasets reveals interesting temporal characteristics for four blog types – personal blog, cooperative blog, power blog and spam blogs.

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  • Yu-Ru Picture Yu-Ru Lin
    Doctoral Student, Computer Science and Engineering

  • Hari Portrait Hari Sundaram
    Associate Professor, Arts Media and Engineering