Cite: X. Wang, S. Mamadgi, A. Thekdi, A. Kelliher, H. Sundaram. Eventory - An Event Based Media Repository, in IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing. September, 2007.

Abstract: This paper focuses on the development of an event driven media sharing repository to facilitate community awareness. In this paper, an event refers to a real-world occurrence that unfolds over space and time. Our event model implementation supports creation of events using the standard facets of who, where, when and what. A key novelty in this research lies in the support of arbitrary event-event semantic relationships. We facilitate global as well as personalized event relationships. Each relationship can be unary or binary and can be at multiple granularities. The relationships can exist between events, between media, and between media and events. We have implemented a web based media archive system that allows people to create, explore and mange events. We have implemented an RSS based notification system that promotes awareness of actions. The initial user feedback has been positive and we are in the process of conducting a longitudinal study.